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As the founder of botanical blessings I am always on the look out for non toxic, plant based, environmentally friendly products. When I discovered gelmoment, my first reaction was - how fun! I've always loved painted nails on myself and others but I'm hard on nails. I dig in the garden and "slather" essential oils every day. So the durability of gel nails appealed to me but I struggled with the toxicity, the difficulty in removing the gel nail which can be damaging to natural nails, and the time and effort of booking an appointment to get them done! So I never really bought into it. But gelmoment changes all that! Gelmoment offers convenient, affordable, DIY nail products that are eco friendly and leave your nails in better shape then ever! My manicures last for 2 weeks despite my life style. I love gelmoment! Good for me, good for the environment!

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